Cosgrove Guitar Studio

Punctuality: It is very important to be a few minutes early for your lesson. If you come and I am still teaching the previous student, be sure to make your presence known by knocking or getting my attention. It is possible that I may not know you are there and am only 'chit-chatting' with the person who comes before you or practicing thinking that you must have missed your lesson. Please do not ask any questions at the end of the lesson. If you have a question, ask it at the beginning or during the lesson. Asking questions at the end of the lesson cuts into the next persons lesson and/or my professional preparation time.

Attendance: If you know you will be missing a lesson more than 24 hours in advance, an e-mail will be sufficient notice and a make-up lesson will be given. Please call or text message if you will be missing a lesson within 24 hours of the scheduled lesson. Make-up lessons will not be given if less than 8 hours notice is given. If more than two consecutive lessons are missed without a call, it will be assumed that you are no longer taking lessons. Not more than 2 make-up lessons will be given during a two month period.

To be enrolled in this studio you must attend lessons regularly. That means once per week excluding standard holidays. I am making a commitment to you when I reserve that portion of my time for you once per week. I, in turn, need you to make a commitment to be at your lesson. Further, I have observed that students enrolled in bi-weekly lesson progress at less than half the rate of those who come weekly. 

Schedule changes: From time to time, conflicts arise. Please don't ask during the lesson time to make a schedule change. This wastes valuable lesson time. Please send an email. This will give me ample time to study the schedule and contact other students that may need to be re-scheduled to facilitate your change. Also, please don't change your lesson time without good reason. With a large studio, it takes several hours per week to handle all the changes. You will do better to leave me that time for lesson planning and guitar practice.  

Billing: (Cosgrove Guitar Studio students only) Statements will be issued every month. If the amount on the invoice does not reflect the number of lessons you will be taking, log-on to the website or send me an email to request applicable scheduling changes that need to be made. (See schedule changes for more information) If my schedule changes or if you have a credit due to a schedule change, a statement will be sent.

In order to keep your lesson spot reserved and to avoid late fees, payments for guitar study are due at the last lesson of the current month for the next month or, if sent by mail, during the last week of the current month. No later, please. Cash, credit cards, or checks are acceptable. Payment can be sent with student, by bill-pay, or snail-mail. If your payment is not received by the first lesson of the month, a $10 late fee will be added to your account.